Dr Paul Ciechanowski, Samepage founder and CEO joined other luminaries in the world of psychiatry at the APA’s annual conference in San Diego last month in honor of the contributors and to celebrate its 50th anniversary of Kaplan and Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry.  This is the 50th anniversary

since this text was published in 1967. No other textbook in psychiatry has had such a long and distinguished history in the modern era.

Dr. Ciechanowski and Dr. Katon contributed their updated and revised chapter to this edition on mental health issues in diabetic populations. Their chapter entitled Diabetes: Psychosocial Issues and Psychiatric Disorders, comprehensively reviews the epidemiology, psychosocial developmental stages of diabetes, the concept of “diapression” (diabetes and depression), interpersonal aspects of diabetes, mortality and diabetes related to behavioral and interpersonal conditions, and treatment considerations, including the use of evidence-based models like collaborative care.  This work is at the heart of why Samepage Health was created.  Our mission is to break down the silos in healthcare by enabling behavioral health integration.  Learn more here.