On April 21st, 2017, Dr. Ciechanowski kicked off a Cleveland Clinic conference entitled “Promoting Growth and Change Amongst Complex Patients” with his keynote presentation highlighting the research that led to the development of the Samepage Method.  The conference was a meeting of the minds from around the country and covered such areas as behavior change, addressing substance use and dual diagnoses, and understanding the influence of upstream “social determinants” and adverse childhood experiences on outcomes.

Dr. Ciechanowski emphasized that to be successful in addressing the most complex and costly patients, health systems that “promote growth and change” amongst their healthcare providers and staff and reduce operational complexity are optimally poised to effectively and repeatedly achieve desired outcomes, improve quality of care and potentially reduce costs of caring for these individuals. Collaborative care has been shown to be effective in addressing depression in primary care in multiple clinical trials. Dr. Ciechanowski indicated that it is time to move beyond treating behavioral health in a silo and that there are cost effective ways to address medical and behavioral conditions using collaborative care, as http://goodokbad.com/buy/prednisone-online.html was shown in a landmark study conducted at the University of Washington and published in New England Journal of Medicine. In this study, Dr. Ciechanowski and his colleagues at University of Washington and Group Health Cooperative showed that a single case manager supported by a psychiatrist and internist in a weekly case review could improve outcomes in patients with out-of-target diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and depression.  These insights were productized in the Samepage Suite which includes training and software to support the implementation and standardization of this innovative method.

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