Samepage CMO Dr Paul Ciechanowski joined CMSA president Kathleen Fraser and others in announcing the publication of a new Integrated Case Management Manual – written by case managers for case managers.  This integrated approach is in complete alignment with the Samepage method and solution.

CMSA launched the Integrated Case Management Program in 2006 to provide a more client-centric approach to assessment, care planning and care coordination. The foundation of the program was built on the successful outcomes and work conducted in Europe for the last 20 years but required adaptation to the American health system. CMSA has trained hundreds of case managers since 2006,

but because of the consistent evolution of the healthcare industry and ever-changing regulatory requirements, CMSA has written a new manual and training program to meet these changing needs as well as to provide support to the frontline case manager. The new manual provides a realistic and practical approach to the integrated model from the perspective of the case manager.  Find out more here.