Behavioral Health Integration Specialists

For healthcare companies struggling to manage high-cost poly-chronic patient populations, Samepage has a proprietary evidence-based method that is proven to easily integrate behavioral health methodologies into current chronic condition care-management programs.  Our customers get training, software, and implementation support – empowering them to efficiently return patients to lower cost care paradigms using current staff and a standardized, measurable process.


Samepage: Proven Results

The Samepage Method was implemented in 11 clinics of a large Health Delivery Network. Patients had out-of-target diabetes and/or out-of-target hypertension and clinical depression. Mean age of enrollees was 60.8 years old; 57% were female; 46% were white. On average, patients had 9.6 chronic conditions and were enrolled in the program for a median duration of 17 weeks.

Patients received collaborative care from nurse case managers for addressing multiple out-of-target conditions including proprietary evidence-based methods: systematic case review (SCR), treat-to-target clinical methodology, integrated communication with primary care, and behavior change and behavioral health strategies.


Increase in A1c testing


Decrease in number of patients with depression


Increase in number of patients with A1c < 9% (HEDIS goal)


Increase in number of patients with BP < 140/90 (HEDIS goal)


Decrease in Emergency Department visits

Complete Solution for Integrating Behavioral Health into Chronic Condition Management and Primary Care Settings

Case Review

Patient information is accessible in one consolidated record, including demographic information and contact notes. The Samepage solution charts and documents patient progress and visits with ease, and supports case review. Samepage technology provides a view of how patients are doing over time.

Patient Dashboard
Patient Dashboard


Track patient activities and pending action steps. Set personal notifications to be triggered if patient-reported data indicates high-risk factors. Document and review notes during patient visits to maximize patient engagement in the outcomes collection process.

Behavioral Modules

Achieve better results with our proven, patented methods. Our modules help to get better results during healthcare visits, and better results from your own efforts to make positive changes between visits.  The system ensures care managers can easily follow evidence-based methods in a standardized way.  All forms, surveys and questionnaires can be exported to PDF and converted into a print-friendly format, and clinical notes are automatically generated.

Patient Dashboard


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